FFORME introduces its collections by four modernist principles: line, texture, volume, and detail. This is the framework for a multi-dimensional wardrobe; a direction that establishes distinctive, everyday archetypes. For Fall Winter 22, FFORME explores the interaction of material and movement. Garments are underpinned by anatomical and architectural references; experimentation is subtle yet contributes to an updated rapport between clothing and body.

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A deeper study of shoulders and sleeves has determined the foundational FFORME silhouettes. Roundness descends into streamlined shapes held by double-face construction and draping. Volumes are reconsidered by removing fixed points and emphasizing fluidity. Fastenings and pockets are concealed in the service of both functionality and minimalism. From all these efforts emerge a new approach to American sportswear imbued with a European sensibility.

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Pieces have been developed through machine and handcraft processes, maintaining consistency while advancing innovation. With a conscious approach to materials, each is highly versatile and discreetly luxurious in touch and feel- from dense to superfine.

The Fall Winter 22 palette is elemental and focused: deep black, soft stone, a fiery red orange, and a reddish brown. Several fabrics and yarns remain undyed for natural tonality. Across FFORME designs, every element has a holistic purpose so that the collection is entirely interconnected. Not only are the garments conceived to perform a key role in our lives; they are conceived to endure.

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